Résumé Creation Master Input Form

Complete the information form below that will be edited and formatted into a résumé by The Original Résumé Company and then returned to you for approval. 


  1. Please provide the following contact information:

    First Name
    Last Name
    Middle Initial
    Zip Code
    Insert Company Name ONLY if Contract  Account for Direct Billing 
    Cellular Phone
    Home Phone
  2. Education Date >From and To for the first school

  3. Education 1 School, City and State for the first school

  4. Education Degree or Program for the first school, for additional college and school name information list dates, City, State and Degree, list appropriate information in this location

  5. Job Search Objective Max 7 Words - Example:  Software Engineer

  6. Computer Software - Example: Windows, Word, Excel

  7. Training Courses - Example: Diversity Training, Basic Sales Techniques

  8. License/Certifications - Example:  CPR, Real Estate, CDL Driver

  9. Awards - Example: Academic and Employment

  10. Overview Introductory Statement of Skills - Example:  Administration, Sales and Marketing  experience, 8+ years

  11. Summary of Accomplishments - Example:  One-line statements concerning, scope of responsibilities, level of accomplishments, supervised a staff of 4 employees, Budget of $150,000 annually

  12. Other Information - any additional information you require in your resume that may include: Language, Volunteer, Military, Publications

  13. Job 1 Date, Company Name, City, State - Note:  Start with your last or Present Job

  14. Job 1 Position - Include your Title, if more than 1 Job include Date for each position, Example:  
    Sales Manager, May 1999 through Present
    Sales Representative, April 1989 through May 1999

  15. Job 1 Job Description
    a.  Include a brief statement of what the company primary business is, Example:
    A manufacturer of printed circuit boards for computer systems.
    b.  Include bullet statements or paragraph statements of the your duties.  
    Continue this format for all additional jobs below

  16. Job 2 Dates, Company, City, State

  17. Job 2 Position

  18. Job 2 Job Description

  19. Job 3 Dates, Company, City, State

  20. Job 3 Position

  21. Job 3 Job Description

  22. List all other job profile information as above - This includes all the information as outlined in items 13, 14 and 15

  23. Additional Information - include additional information or job you may want added to your final résumé.  You you may send your present résumé via e-mail for additional review if appropriate.  Please note that in the space provided below.  
    Questions and Special Notes may be included to us to assist in preparation of your résumé.

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